Herbs, Spices, Teas, and Botanicals

When I got a second opinion from a well-known oncologist specializing in my particular cancer, he recommended that I stop taking Milk Thistle and Turmeric.  When I asked why, he convinced me that we simply do not know enough information about herbs, spices, and botanicals and their relationship to cancer recurrence. Yet some find that particular teas, spices, herbs, and botanicals, such as Milk Thistle, European Mistletoe, and Curcumin can inhibit angiogenesis, and thus, halt the formation of tumors.  Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center offers a detailed database of herbs and botanicals.  This is a great tool for the public and for medical practitioners.  They provide evidence-based information on:

  • longstanding proven uses
  • potential benefits
  • potential side effects
  • interactions with other herbs or medicines

Cancer patients are often given unsolicited advice from well-meaning friends, family, and even healthcare providers who may or may not know how particular herbs and botanicals may interact with their specific cancer treatment.

While you are on the site, note that there is an Integrative Medicine menu that includes therapies, research, and clinical trials.  It is a wealth of information.

The website also has an app option for those times when you might be on the go or in the health food store browsing the supplements aisle.


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