In recent years, yoga has been recommended as both a palliative and preventative activity for cancer patients.  For example, Breast Cancer Treatments can often include many side effects such as Fatigue, Headaches, pain and numbness, dental issues, bone loss, headaches, heart problems, lymphedema, and many more.  Lymphedema is the swelling of a limb and occurs as a result of the blockage in the lymphatic system from the removal of lymph nodes and cancer treatment. Side effects are often managed with medications or manual lymph drainage.  However, integrative cancer approaches have looked to yoga as a possible treatment for cancer management, both for physiological and for socio-emotional matters.

In the International Journal of Yoga, Narahari and co-authors write an article entitled,Yoga protocol for treatment of breast cancer-related lymphedema.  This article explains how the co-authors have used yoga and breathing as a self-care intervention for breast cancer-related lymphedema (BCRL). They created a protocol for BCRL based on actions of muscles on joints and anatomical areas linked to particular lymph nodes, stretching of skin and yoga breathing methods. 20 yoga and 5 breathing exercises were adopted to help patients tolerate and pain. In comparison with other Yoga progocols, this protocol demonstrated greater effects.  For more details of the protocol, implications and results, read the article!

Narahari S R, Aggithaya MG, Thernoe L, Bose KS, Ryan TJ. Yoga protocol for treatment of breast cancer-related lymphedema. Int J Yoga 2016;9:145-55

2016 Selected Research on Yoga and Cancer

[HTML] Physical effects of Anma therapy (Japanese massage) for gynecologic cancer survivors: A randomized controlled trial

N Donoyama, T Satoh, T Hamano, N Ohkoshi, M Onuki – Gynecologic Oncology, 2016
Cover image Cover image. Physical effects of Anma therapy (Japanese massage) for
gynecologic cancer survivors: A randomized controlled trial ☆. Anma therapy reduced
subjective physical complaints in gynecologic cancer survivors. •


Management of lymphoedema

A Yüksel, O Gürbüz, Y Velioğlu, G Kumtepe, S Şenol – VASA. Zeitschrift für …, 2016
CDT could not be suc- cessful also in cases of the lack of compliance and hygiene, misdiagnosis,
or reactivation of the cancer. Exercise programs such as healthy steps and yoga have proven
successful for patients with lymphoede- ma, improving their quality of life [36, 37].

Yoga: An Evidence-Based Approach to Treatment by Dr. Stacy D. Hunter

SD Hunter
Additional health benefits have been shown in various patient populations including those with
diabetes, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and cancer, the results from some of which
will be presented at Pure Action’s First Annual Yoga Research Conference here in


[HTML] 5 Prostate Facts Every Man Needs to Know

B Ong, P Friday
“You have Cancer.” Educate and empower yourself beyond the fear. Three words: You have
Cancer. Nothing paralyzes and incapacitates the human mind more than those three words. 0
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Self-help strategies for sub-threshold anxiety: A Delphi consensus study to find messages suitable for population-wide promotion

AJ Morgan, P Chittleborough, AF Jorm – Journal of Affective Disorders, 2016
problems, phobias about specific objects, or obsessions/compulsions, or for very specific contexts
(eg, anxiety about cancer or medical No strategies were endorsed from dietary supplements,
and only one complementary strategy was endorsed (Yoga), despite this category