Deodorant or no Deodorant?

When I tested positive for the CHEK2 gene mutation, I immediately began to research the different ways in which I could prevent or forestall the onset of breast cancer and colon cancer, both of which have turned up in my family.  As I read widely on the topic, one of the persistent themes had to do with deodorant and antiperspirant.  When I asked my doctor, she indicated to me that she uses Secret and that deodorant has not been linked to cancer in the research.  So I began looking at recent peer reviewed articles.  Some articles argue that deodorant combined with shaving increases chances of breast cancer. Others argue that endocrine-disturbing compounds are linked to different cancers.   In 2002 The Journal of the National Cancer Institute, however, refuted these claims. I could not find a definitive answer, but I found lots of seemingly contradictory –but informative–information.

Toxic ingredients, such as aluminum and parabens are laced within certain cosmetics and deodorants.  I also came to find out that many products do not list all ingredients and that some of these ingredients have synonyms.  Here’s an article that can help with all of the synonyms if you are interested. It is outstanding.  The authors have developed a consumer product database of the ingredients and  chemicals that are problematic, such as parabens.  What I was most stunned about was how many potentially toxic ingredients are in cosmetics and hair products, specifically.

So I have made a deodorant cocktail that lasts me throughout a full day’s teaching.  I just use coconut oil and the following essential oils which are purported to fight cancer: frankincense, copaiba, cedar, lemon, and a little gardenia. Who knows if they do…  There’s also a great natural brand called Primal Pit Paste that I love as well and their sampler is delightful.

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